Athletes of the Week

The Sports and Entertainment Marketing Classes at Socastee High School in partnership with the athletic department sponsor an Athlete of the Week for each fall, winter, and spring varsity sport.


Kasie Ingram (Cross Country) Article

Elijah Lawson (Cross Country) Article

Joel Cox and Jenn Paul (Swimming) Article

Lawson Devers (Golf) Article

Anna Brice Cox (Tennis) Article

Ashley Jones (Cheer) Article

Elizabeth Harris (Volleyball) Article

Briana Harper (Bravettes) Article

Jon Wright (Basketball) Article

Tyler Ward (Wrestling) Article

Shayla Baldwin (Basketball) Article

Connor Moxley (Lacrosse) Article

Charlotte Smith (Lacrosse) Article

Katelyn Price (Soccer) Article

Sam Perito (Soccer) Article

Hailey LeDuc (Softball) Article

Hunter Haddock (Baseball) Article

Kenney Solomon (Track) Article

Brianna Young (Track) Article

Shane Peters (Golf) Article

Nick Lefever (Tennis) Article


Alisa Berindea (Golf) Article

Marie Benedetti (Tennis) Article

Janneke Morin (Cross Country)  Article

Chloe Stampfle and Matthew Key (Swimming) Article

Anna Walker (Volleyball) Article

Carson Stout (Football) Article

McKayla Hatcher (Cheer) Article

Kendal Adams (Bravettes) Article

Nick Ward (Wrestling) Article

Alex Collins (Basketball) Article

Mercer Roberts (Basketball) Article

Connor Moxley (Lacrosse) Article

Zoey Bennett (Lacrosse) Article

Jahmier Watson (Soccer) Article

Haley Altman (Soccer) Article

Wesley Lane (Baseball) Article

Jay Wrightsman (Softball) Article

Noah Johnson (Tennis) Article

Grant Hutchinson (Golf) Article