Braves News · SHS Varsity Football Ticketing Procedures

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with HomeTown Ticketing to provide online ticketing for our Fall 2020 Braves season! Digital ticketing will allow us to eliminate person to person contact and manage our capacity numbers for each venue. At this time we will require digital ticketing for Varsity Football games only. Due to popular demand of some games and limited seating we intend to sell out of tickets and ask that you purchase your tickets in advance.

Tickets will be available in advance one week before the date of each game. There will be a limited number of tickets available and sold in priority order as follows: Parents of participating Socastee Athletes, Cheerleaders and Bravettes, SHSAA Corporate Sponsor Pass Holders, Home and Away General Admission, SHS Employees, Top 65. Cor-porate Sponsor Pass Holders must reserve their free ticket(s) during the pre-sale time frame for each individual game. Your Corporate Sponsor passcode will be the 10 digit phone number (no spaces or -) associated with your sponsor form. Parents of participating Socastee Athletes, Cheerleaders and Bravettes will be allowed to purchase up to 2 tickets. Your parent passcode will be your students active directory password (used to log into chromebook). Follow this link to reserve your tickets

Once the limited number of tickets are sold for each venue, we will not allow anyone else to enter the game. Separate tickets will be available for the visiting team.

Tickets are available at the following times:

Parents of Participating Socastee Athletes, Cheerleaders and Bravettes/SHSAA Corporate Sponsor Pass Holders

Friday before the game at 12pm -Tuesday before the game at 12pm

Visitor Admission-Limited number of seats available

Friday before the game 12pm-Wednesday before the game at 12pm

General Admission

Tuesday before the game at 12pm-conclusion of event or all tickets are sold

SHS Employees/TOP65/HCS Employees-Limited number of seats available

Wednesday before the game at 12pm-Friday of the game at 12:00pm.  You will need to email to receive your passcode.

At the entrance you will be required to present your digital or printed ticket and if applicable your proof of SHSAA Corporate Sponsor Pass Holder,TOP65, HCS issued pass to gain entrance. We ask that you please wear a mask and social distance when in the Braves Stadium.

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