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Socastee High School Athletic Department Reading Rally

Socastee High School in partnership with Great American Opportunities is currently participating in an exciting program that is designed to improve the reading skills and comprehension of elementary schools that feed into the high school.  The high school students are conducting the campaign through multiple avenues which was kicked off with a telethon Wednesday evening.  Approximately 50 students gave of their time and made calls to friends and family to offer them the opportunity to give the gift of reading to elementary students.  Each $20 in support received will be used to purchase reading materials for an elementary student.  In addition to the $20 gift card that will be given to the elementary school, the high school athletic department will receive $8.00 through the partnership with Great American which will be used to provide scholarships to Socastee high students. This means your $20 gift has a value of $28!    


In just one hour on Wednesday evening, the students took pledges for nearly 300 gift cards.  This will provide more than $5000 to the elementary school and more than $2000 to the high school for scholarship.  Students will be continuing to reach out to members of the community through social media, phone calls and direct communication. Our hope is to provide as many elementary school students as possible the opportunity to get something they will enjoy reading.  If you would like to participate, please contact the school and let them know you would like to help in the Reading Rally that the athletic department is doing and we will gladly get back to you.  You may also go to the following website to participate.


If you are interested in learning how other schools or organization in the area can get involved in this exciting campaign, you may contact the local representative of Great American Opportunities for details (see contact information below). We believe this program will have a great impact on our community by encouraging reading in the early development years of our students.  Studies have shown that nearly 25% of high school students in the United States will not graduate.  This is largely due to a lack of reading skills and comprehension. Poor reading impacts students in all areas of education and causes great frustration all too often leading students to drop out of school.  Please help if you can and a huge THANK YOU goes out to all who help us reach our goal. 


Great American Opportunites

Marty Phillips